Fall Decor Tips & Tricks

Posted on October 02 2016

         It's officially October, and for the past couple of weeks I have literally been up to my eyeballs in pumpkins, gourds, mums and corn stalks. I have been busy styling home interiors and exteriors, as well as event spaces with harvest inspired decór and decided to share some of my favorite tips and tricks for updating your space.  

Free Decór  

   Fall decór doesn't have to cost a fortune. Many items can be found for free, so long as you are willing to take a walk outside and search for branches, leaves and acorns. Wild grasses, especially wheat grass, look gorgeous when dried and placed in a vase. I once found a gorgeous fallen branch complete with dried leaves still on it. I placed it in a vase with Spanish moss, and it remains one of my favorite seasonal accents. 

Keep It Balanced

     When it comes to styling, my rule of thumb is to keep everything balanced. I like to group pumpkins and gourds together with a handful of pretty leaves or branches. I also use different sized potted mums, kale and cabbage to fill in gaps.  

Preserve Your Pumpkins

     Keeping pumpkins and gourds fresh and safe from wildlife is super easy.  My three step process helps keep my outdoor displays looking fresh and intact for weeks.  My method can only be used on pumpkins that will not be consumed or used near fire, as the chemicals used can be harmful if ingested and are flammable. In order to preserve my pumpkins and gourds, I do the following:

     1. Wipe down the pumpkin/ gourd with a clorox wipe, then dry with a paper towel. This helps kill any mold or bacteria, and slows decomposition. 

     2. Using an old rag, apply floor polish (such as Orange Glow) to your pumpkin/ gourd, and polish thoroughly. Any acrylic based floor polish should work, as it helps seal the pumpkin/ gourd. 

     3.  Lastly, apply Vicks Vapor Rub to your pumpkin with an old rag, and polish. The Camphor in the Vapor rub repels animals, and the petroleum keeps your pumpkins hydrated.  

Get Creative

    I'm a huge fan of hay bales, but some of my clients refuse to use them because of the mess they leave behind. Although messy, they are a great bang for your buck in terms of filling up space.  If hay is too messy for your taste, milk crates are a great option to add height and fill space. I recently used milk crates in lieu of hay bales for decor when setting up an indoor buffet and loved the result. 

  Corn stalks tied to columns or leaning near your front door are a quick and easy to frame your doorway, but did you ever consider using corn stalks to create a wreath for your door?

   Repurposed jars filled with acorns and/or leaves are a quick and easy way to bring a touch of fall indoors.  


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